Photo Courtesy of House & Garden

The mix of sophistication and detail in the Maarla Brass floor lamp makes it a piece versatile for any kind of space – a bedroom reading nook, living room, or office. 

A Cloche can add an unexpected, ‘curiosity’ moment for your guests to admire what’s inside, especially when placed somewhere it can be easily seen like on a coffee table grouped with books or a desk. I currently have one on my fireplace mantle with a robin’s nest inside. 

This sofa could not be more fitting for summer. The mustard yellow adds to its uniqueness and warm summer charm! I wouldn’t mind reading a book on a rainy summer day here. 

Pressed botanicals bring nature into your space in a tasteful and artistic way. The art form of dried and pressed plants has been around for centuries, and while a renaissance of them are being seen in homes today, they stay timeless (and beautiful) when done well. 

While coffee table books do look pretty, I believe they are made to be opened and read. Go ahead and turn that crisp first page, some of them like “America at Work” will make you thankful you did.