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150hr Birch Pillar – Dark Chocolate

150 Hour Birch Pillar


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Our Birch Pillar is Cast From a Trunk Section with Three Painter’s Fungi, a Voided Branch Node, and a Compound Curve.

This Candle is very special for us.

We have carefully sited the wick through the candle in order to provide the best overall performance.

Because of the natural shape of this cutting, with it's fantastical twists and turns, and beautiful outgrowths, the sidewall will vary.

Have no fear : we recommend burning this candle with absolute abandon if you so choose.

To maximize your light show and ensure the widest possible wick pool, burn it for as long as you can at each lighting.

If you'd really like to nurture this candle, you can pour off the molten wax after each time that it is extinguished, to prevent tunneling.

When sidewalls get crazy out of whack we say : rip the sidewall off !

Let it cool down before you re-light.

The Birch Candle will last for over 150 hours no matter how you choose to enjoy it.


Dark Chocolate

Burn Time

150 Hours

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