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18th Century French Metal Safe

18th Century French Metal Safe


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This imposing 18th-century French metal safe is a remarkable example of early security engineering and craftsmanship. Constructed from robust iron, the safe features intricately wrought details, including ornate hinges, decorative scrollwork, and a finely crafted locking mechanism that exemplifies the ingenuity of the period. Its solid, heavy build underscores its primary function as a secure storage solution for valuables, while the aged patina and historical wear add a layer of antique charm and authenticity. Reflecting the blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal, this safe not only served as a vital protective measure in its time but now stands as a captivating piece of history, ideal for collectors and aficionados of antique security devices.

Note – The key is not included.


9 " W x 7 " D x 5 " H



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