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19th Century Table with Antique Gold Base & White Marble Top (Small)

19th Century Gilded Antique Marble Drink Table (Small)


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An antique drinks table with a white marble top and a metal base, originating from the 19th century, epitomizes the fusion of elegance and durability emblematic of its era. These tables were prized for their functionality and aesthetic appeal, serving as stylish additions to homes and social spaces. Constructed with a sturdy metal base they offer stability and longevity while showcasing intricate designs or ornamental elements. The white marble top adds a touch of sophistication, providing an ideal surface for serving drinks and enhancing the table's visual allure. Highly coveted by collectors of antique furniture, these tables capture the essence of Victorian-era craftsmanship and refinement, making them prized treasures for interior decoration.


17.5 " D x 18 " H


Marble, Metal

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