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Amber Fireplace Match Cloche – Small

Amber Match Cloche – Small


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Alluding to olive groves, amber sun, and sweet, mulberry wine, our newest Match Cloches are rich with deep shades of jewel-toned glass. Our Match Cloches are inspired by vintage glass domes used to protect emerging seedlings, made with handblown glass and fitted with a cork to stylishly hold an assortment of matchsticks. A striker strip on the glass adds functionality, and the delicate vessels can be reused to display treasures and curiosities.


3 " W x 7 " H

# of Matches


Additional Note

The glass is colored/tinted glass. While the labels are not designed to be removed, if one chooses to remove the sticker, soap & water should remove any leftover residue without harming the glass. The glass would only become discolored if a harsh cleaner or chemical is used on the glass. Do not use an abrasive cloth or sponge to remove residue.

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