How can I check my order status? 

Upon placing your order, you will receive an email with information regarding the status of your order. If you have questions pertaining to the status of that order, email hello@christophercollection.com

How can I make a return? 

If there are questions regarding returns for an order, please email hello@christophercollection.com.

Can I return an item I purchased online in your store? 

Yes, please come with your purchase and receipt to our store during business hours Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Can I pick my order up directly from your store? 

Yes, please click the “pick up in store” box when checking out for your order. 

Does someone need to be home to accept the delivery? 

If you are receiving pieces of furniture, an individual of the age of 18 years or older must be home at the time of delivery. Otherwise, you don’t need to be home. Please note, some carriers may require a signature for deliveries over a certain value.

What types of payments do you accept? 

If you are paying online, we accept Mastercard, AMEX, Visa, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Can you help me design a space in my home? 

Yes! For any design assistance, please email hello@christophercollection.com

Are all your products available online? 

Not all products in-store are available online. However, if you don’t see a particular item that you are looking for on our website, please reach out to hello@christophercollection.com.

Do you ship outside the United States? 

Yes. Currently, we ship to the United States and Canada!