Officine Gullo was founded in Florence, Italy, where Carmelo Gullo honed bespoke kitchens and accessories inherited from the finest nineteenth-century Florentine cooking traditions, in partnership with local mechanical workshops and bronze artisans, shaping noble metals such as high-thickness steel, burnished copper, cast iron and brass. Officine Gullo kitchens have always shone with their handcrafted, prestigious metal finishes.

Officine Gullo is a pinnacle of Italian excellence as a producer of metal luxury kitchens, professional cooking appliances, and kitchen accessories, thanks to the enlightened vision and drive of founder Carmelo Gullo, now flanked at the company’s helm by his three sons Pietro, Andrea and Matteo. 

Product Offerings:

Tailor Made Kitchens

Cooking Ranges

Taps & Sinks

Appliances & Refrigeration


Tableware & Kitchenware

Outdoor Kitchens

“At Officine Gullo, we manufacture considering much longer timespans than the industrial production in our sector. We create products that can be updated and improved, but never destroyed or forsaken. We work and design for modern living and for the antiques of tomorrow. Every element provides resilience, beauty, and prestige derived from the materials used. In every creation, Florentine traditions are blended with meticulous research into function and beauty: we refine the steel structures of our cooking ranges with elements in hand-hammered brass, copper, high-thickness galvanic finishes and engraving, in the same way, that artisans in Florence have forged metal for centuries, crafting unique works of art. We are proud to add our name to everything that comes from our workshops, safe in the knowledge that this name will stand the test of time together with our creations.”

Officine Gullo brings innovative technology to the home through appliances, cooking ranges, and accessories, such as burners that can release power up to 10kW, lava stone grills, coup de feu, professional fryers, polished fry-tops, steamers, pasta cookers, and refrigerators finished in anti-bacterial stainless steel, multi-temperature wine fridges, blast chillers, sous vide machines and everything else that is required for a kitchen to meet professional standards.

All the cooking elements are capable of professional performance while also embracing the principles of household ergonomics for everyday use with the utmost convenience. The design means that non-professional cooks can use all the available functions. Even upkeep and cleaning are simplified to the bare minimum through the use of edge-free surfaces and special extraction systems with washable components. The vast collection comes complete with table and kitchen accessories developed in line with the company ethos of bringing the restaurant to the home: shelving, small household appliances, knife sets, handcrafted copper pots, chopping boards, and striking wheel-based meat slicers.

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